Boo-tiful Desserts

Ghouls and ghosts are scary, but there’s one thing even scarier: not being ready for a party. But don’t worry, we understand. After an active night of taking the little ones out Trick-or-Treating or handing out candy, getting ready for your own “monster bash” isn’t easy. So instead, sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

Cake Pops copyOne of the first things people think of when they hear the word “party” is cake. So if you and your guests are looking for a way to Boo-gie and have your cake too, Mackenzie Ltd. offers Halloween cake pops that will make the night Spook-tacular! Filled with rich, moist chocolate cake, these ghoulish hand decorated treats serve as a delight to party attendees of all ages. They’re also super convenient for maintaining a crumb-free floor when your guests want to eat and dance at the same time. These whimsy Halloween treats are sure to please all!

truffie pops copy

In addition to the cake pops, Mackenzie also offers truffle pops to fulfill you guests’ chocolate needs. At the heart of each one of these spooky eye ball pops is a double chocolate truffle,oozing with flavor. After one, they won’t be able to stop!

cookies copyBut don’t worry, we know some guests prefer a little more crunch to their party treats! And where there’s crunch, there’s cookies. These spooky cookies will please even the meanest monster at your party. Made with all natural ingredients, these hand decorated treats are rich with flavor and frightfully adorable!

Be sure to check out all of our Creep-tastic treats here. Each one is a perfect choice to make your party Terror-ific!

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