Who We Are

You wouldn’t think it, but eating for a living can be hard work! One day you’re smothering your face in a delectable chocolate cake and the next, you’re asking yourself, “What did I just taste?” But whether you believe this is true or not, that’s our job at Chesapeake Fine Food Group (CFFG) and we take it very seriously.

From our humble beginning as the Mackenzie Limited Food Catalog Service in 1984, to our expansion as a company with two more food carriers (Impromptu Gourmet and Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More) we have always viewed ourselves as importers and purveyors of fine foods. Thus, we believe that it is our mission to bring you the richest and most delectable foods that this world has to offer. And in the name of giving our customers the best, that means that most of the high-quality products we taste don’t make the cut and all the foods that are selected are chosen for a reason. 

Cheesecake Sampler

But it also means one more thing, which surprisingly, has nothing to do with food at all. It means that we care and we’re dedicated to what we do. When we say that we believe in giving our customers the best, we’re not just talking about giving them the best products. We mean giving them the best experience too. We want to satisfy all of our customers’ needs, not just their hunger. So we pride ourselves on giving our customers good products and good service.

But we understand that what you say isn’t always what you do. So we don’t just want to tell you who we are, we want to show you.

So welcome to our blog. Bon appétit!

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